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Moment Junkie Jul 19

There’s a huge variety of wedding blogs out there, most of which focus on helping couples plan for their wedding with ideas for decorations, attire, etc.  That’s great, but I want to introduce you to my favorite wedding blog: momentjunkie.com.  It features one photo each day of a really great moment captured at a wedding, and today’s featured photo had me literally LOL-ing.  Some are humorous, some are baffling, and some are very touching and emotional.

I love nailing an “epic” portrait (yes, a bit of sarcasm there), but it’s the kind of interactions featured on Moment Junkie that I love most about capturing a wedding.  So go, look at today’s photo, browse through the archives, and subscribe to the site in your favorite RSS reader.  You may notice that I’ve had a few photos featured there this year ( 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ), and hopefully you’ll see some more of mine in the future, because…

I am a Moment Junkie.

January 2012 Update:
I’ve had two more features on Moment Junkie ( 5 | 6 ) in recent months. I still absolutely love this blog and check it every single day.

July 2012 Update:
I’m super excited to keep updating this with more recent features!