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Merry Christmas! Dec 24

Kelli and I have been visiting my family in California this past week to celebrate Christmas. It’s been an awesome trip; snowboarding, catching up with friends, In N Out, and lots more fun. We also celebrated our anniversary out here and went to the California coast and took a short hike through the redwoods.

brett and kelli in the california redwoods

I’ve been trying to keep up with some email mostly using my phone, so sorry for any delays, but we’ll be back in Michigan this weekend and getting all caught up. Merry Christmas!

end of June update Jun 28

Well, after 5 weddings, 7 engagement sessions, and a whole bunch of meetings, my busiest month of the year is done! I even took next weekend off to go up north with family for the 4th of July, so this week will be a welcome relief to catch up on processing those June photos and get all the galleries online, discs in the mail, etc. Thank you and congratulations to all my June couples!

And since every post needs a photo, here’s a shot from today of my beautiful wife, her mom, sister, and our niece


birthday party Jun 9

I have friends with cute kids, really cute kids. One of them had a birthday party a few weeks back and I brought a camera along. We’ll get back to the regularly scheduled program (weddings, engagments, etc.) soon.

photographers take pictures and birthday party in lansing mi

Hawaii! Mar 6

My wife and I are in Denver right now (yay for airports with free wifi!) on our way to Maui. It’s our late honeymoon, thanks to my parents, and we are really excited to soak up some sun. Please don’t expect prompt email responses this week, but I should have internet semi-regularly.

I have brought my camera and a few lenses and am looking forward to taking some pictures of the beautiful island. Here is a bad scan of one I took with a disposable camera last time I went to Maui 7 years ago:
hawaii beach

happy birthday! Feb 16

Today is my beautiful wife’s birthday! We got back from a nice dinner a little while ago and I just put the finishing touches on the cake I made her (ice-cream cake!). Happy birthday Kelli, I love you!

Here are a few photos from yesterday opening presents with her family and playing with our beautiful niece:

photography in Lansing Michigan

baby photography in Lansing Michigan

minimal December Nov 21

california wedding photo
I’m marrying this beautiful woman in less than a month!! Between finalizing wedding plans, moving, and honeymoon, the month of December will be very light on consultations and shoots.

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