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Addie – 2 months Nov 28

Yesterday marked our second month with our precious little Adele, it’s been the best two months ever.

Addie Oct 7

I have experienced occasions of extreme joy, and I’ve certainly cried for a variety of reasons, but before last week I had never cried simply from overwhelming joy. After a sleepless night of laboring and an insane 4 hours of pushing, the worry and anticipation instantly melted away to the most emotional and powerful moments of my life. Seeing my daughter. Her tiny hands grasping my fingers. Her eyes turning towards my voice for comfort as nurses checked her over.

Last week Kelli and I welcomed into the world Adele J Maxwell. She is perfect.

A few photos from our 2 days in the hospital.

Daddy-Daughter Jun 10

Before this year there were only a few occasions in which I found my eyes welling up with tears at a wedding. After all, blurry vision isn’t the best for photography, and usually I’m so involved in the photography that I don’t have time to fully process events in the moment.

That has all changed this year. A few months ago I found out I’m going to be a daddy, and a month ago I found out that I will be a daddy to a baby girl. I’ve expected many changes with this wonderful news, but one that has taken me by surprise is that every father-daughter dance since I have found myself filling with emotion as I realize that one day I will dance with my little girl at her wedding.

baby photo

father daughter wedding dance

father daughter wedding dance

father daughter wedding dance

Yosemite Aug 14

Kelli and I are vacationing this week with my family. This is Half Dome, lit for 19 minutes by star light.

Mackinac Island May 28

My wife graduated from MSU a few weeks ago (really proud of her!) and my parents got us the wonderful graduation gift of a few nights on Mackinac Island. It was my first time there and it was great to spend a few days relaxing before my wedding season goes crazy. Speaking of weddings, it would be an amazing place to have one, so someone get married there and hire me to do your wedding photography!

A handful of personal photos from our little trip, check back soon for a few new engagement sessions.

mackinaw island streets

wedding photographer on mackinac island

biking around mackinac

stone piles on mackinac

ice cream on mackinac

Photos for friends Apr 28

A few days ago my good friend Ric and his wife came over for dinner and a quick photo shoot. We just shot for a few minutes near my apartment building, but here are a few I wanted to share.

lansing michigan portraits

outdoor portrait photography

sunset photos

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