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Sport cover shoot Oct 28

A little something different…

A few months back I shot this magazine cover for Sport magazine, but just recently picked up a copy to finally see it in person. The feature article was about the progression a soccer player goes through from youth if they are to end up playing college, professional, or Olympic soccer. On the left, the shot just as it came out of the camera, on the right, the terrific job they did making it a cover.

And since I know there are some fellow photo geeks following along, here’s the technical info.

Camera: Nikon D3 with Sigma 85mm and a 3 stop ND filter. 1/250, iso 200, f5.6.
Lighting: Scrim flying camera right covering subjects in shade. Einstein in 35″ octa camera right. SB800 high, back, and left of subjects. SB800 gelled warm in small SBIII softbox hidden by the adult subject and lighting the boy’s face.

A really fun break from weddings!

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