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Photo Guestbook Sep 9

Ask a few married people how many times they’ve looked at their wedding guestbook. Ask them if they even know where it is. I realized after getting married last year that after looking at our guestbook once, I probably never will again. It’s traditional and boring. Names and addresses. Blah!

So I decided I wanted to offer an alternative, a guestbook that people would proudly keep on their shelf or coffee table to look at regularly, read notes that actually matter to them, and share it with guests. I was already providing an engagement session with every wedding commission, so it was an easy choice to provide a photo guestbook with photos from the engagement session. Guests love it too because they get to enjoy looking at your engagement photos, and they get to write something more funny or thoughtful than just their name.

Here’s an example from an August wedding at Michigan State:

MSU gardens wedding east lansing michigan

I can also provide a sort of hybrid of the traditional mixed with photos, like this one from an April wedding at The BOB in Grand Rapids:

grand rapids wedding the bob gilmore collection

Look at this one from a July wedding in Owosso, wouldn’t it be fun to read through all those notes after the honeymoon, and many times over as the years go on?

owosso michigan wedding st. pauls knights of columbus

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