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drool Sep 16

Drool, drool, drool. The Canon 5dMkII is now official, and amazing:

The original 5d was a revolutionary camera, bringing a full-frame sensor to the pro-sumer market, and still an industry favorite after an unusually long run of 4 years without a successor. Now that successor has arrived… and wow. Megapixels are almost universally over-emphasised, but the 21mp of the new MkII will probably be very useful considering the full-frame sensor. The ISO is impressive as well, up to 25600, and I suspect it will do it with less information loss than the Nikon D3. It also follows close on the heels of the Nikon D90 in offering HD video capabilities, but offers more length and simultaneous still shooting.

I need to find a way to afford one of these… guess I’ll be shooting more. I try my best to not get caught up in gadgetry, and it can definitely be hard for me, but this is more than that; these features are ones that can really make the difference between getting the shot and not. The only disappointment to me is that it seems the auto-focus only got minor improvement. Canon likely wants to reserve their best auto-focus systems for their $8,000 1Ds MkIII, but I won’t be buying one of those any time soon.

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    mm. informative ))

  3. Random question: I am starting my own blog to share my photography experiences. Do you find it hard or easy to post consistently?